1. What is the best time to photograph a newborn baby?
    Ans. The best newborn photography time is when the baby is 5-14 days old. This range can change if a baby is born premature. After the baby is ten days old, it becomes harder to get the baby to sleep soundly, so I can pose them in unique ways. After that, around 3-4 months (tummy-time shoots) are great as babies have good head control. Then again at 6-7 months when the baby is able to sit properly but not yet crawling. Again 9-1 O months at her crawling stage. Then of course, 12-13 months when the baby is on her feet. Continue with 18 months old, 2 years old & then yearly.
  2. What is the best time to get my maternity photographs taken?
    Ans. Every pregnancy is different, but the best time is around 32-37 weeks as its the time that you can flaunt your baby bump but also remember you don’t want to be too late as you might not feel comfortable moving and posing.
  3. Where will our portrait sessions take place?
    Ans. The choice of location is totally yours. We can either photograph at your home or at a place that you enjoy as a family, such as the park, a garden or a scenic spot
  4. What is the best time for portrait sessions that take place outside?
    Ans. For outdoor photo-shoots, the portrait sessions usually take place in the morning 7 AM – 9 AM- the light is best at that time. Or early evenings around 4 pm to 6 pm
  5. How soon will I see the finished images?
    Ans. My average turnaround time for portraits around 1-2 weeks, but I post a couple of sneak peek images within a couple days on Facebook with your permission. And for Birthday & Event Photography, it will take around 2-3 weeks. We work to post them as quick as we can, but it’s not always possible. I will send you an email with a dropbox link to your gallery to preview the images. You can select the ones you would like to include from your session on the order. Once your order is placed it will be up to a week for them to be ready for pick-up (CD) or the mail. For outside Bangalore, the client is responsible for the courier charges in case you want a CD.
  6. What is not allowed at the sessions?
    Ans. We request that no other photography takes place at that time. No cameras, cell phone pictures of any kind. Thank you for understanding.
  7. How big is the image?
    Ans. We always maintain high-resolution images so you can pretty much go as big as you want.
  8. How long do you keep my images?
    Ans. I keep your images for six months in my hard-drive. But we can only guarantee the archival of the images purchased during the two weeks when your gallery is first online. Any images that are not purchased during this period of time will not be available.
  9. I’m excited, How do I reach you?
    Ans. You can email us at shrutibhatphotography(at)outlook.com, Facebook or Mobile.
  10. When should I schedule a session & do I pay anything at the time of booking?
    Ans. If slots are available, for weekdays, 3-4 days notice is good & for weekends, 1-2 week time is good. Yes, you need to pay Rs.1000/- as the booking amount via bank transfer which is non-refundable for any cancellation or rescheduling.
  11. Please explain booking charges & Final Payment?
    Ans. Booking charges are non-refundable & due upon booking your session to hold your spot. Booking fees will not be again applied to future sessions (in case, we need to reschedule).
  12. What ls the duration of the shoot?
    Ans: My portrait-shoot sessions last anywhere from an hour to a couple of hours. I like to spend some time in advance getting to know the people I photograph so that we break the ice between all of us.
  13. What are the charges?
    Ans: My charges for the portrait session is Indian Rupees 8000 only (including the booking amount). Events are charged per event basis. Please send us an email with your requirement and we can work out a plan for you.
    I am based in Bangalore city and hence for shoots within Bangalore, there will not be any travel costs. But, if the shoot is in any other city/town, then travel and accommodation costs will be additional.
  14. What do the fees include?
    Ans: The costs mentioned above are inclusive of the cost of the photography service, any assistant charges and also for post-processing of images. I handle post processing myself and do not delegate the task to any third-party. This lets me keep a complete creative control over the project. I give a soft-copy/files of processed photographs as deliverable. Each photograph is usually a 21-megapixel high-quality JPEG files. Deliverable is about 20 photographs in very large size without my logo. I also pass along easy to share images from the complete shoot (about 100+ images with our small logo) as a bonus. These can also be printed up to sizes of 5×7 inches.
  15. What about Prints and Coffee Table Book/ Photo Books?
    Ans: Any additional requirement like photo prints, canvas prints, video slideshows, digital montages, calendars, coffee table books, etc will all be charged additionally.
  16. What happens when the kids don’t co-operate for the shoot?
    Ans. Totally understand the situation. Most of the time, we just find a way to make them happy. I always carry toys and gifts. But if nothing works, I’d be happy to reschedule.